Commitment towards the future


This event will truly serve as an inspiration for me, as I will serve once again as Mayor of our beloved City of Candon.

Today as I deliver my inaugural address, I do not wish to make promises to our beloved town mates. Let me say to you, that with my long years of experience in Public Service, my stint as Local Executive for 12 years and 30 years in Congress, the days, weeks and years I walk along with you is more than enough for me to know the various programs that will make Candon achieve our aspiration and dream; to makes Candon a very progressive city. Let me assure you that in due time we will all feel the numerous improvements; economic and social development that we have initiated and started. The implementation of various Republic Acts that will directly benefit our City of Candon.

  • RA 11705, Ilocos Sur Medical Center;
  • RA 11755 – converting Ilocos Sur Polytechnic State College (ISPSC) and integrating North Luzon Philippines State College (NLPSC) into a university, the UNIVERSITY OF ILOCOS PHILIPPINES (UIP) both authored by the Deputy Speaker Kristine Singson
  • RA 11407 – an act declaring Candon City Ecotourism Zone as a tourist destination that I sponsored during the 18th Congress.
  • Establishment of Sports and Convention Center
  • Establishment of Satellite Offices for National Government Agency Offices which will be completed in due time.

Our various programs for our farmers and our new agri-program to modernize our farmers, and method of farming, we will slowly veer from the traditional farming and our aim is to produce enough rice for our citizens, and the excess will be sold. Likewise, the establishment of modern Poultry and Piggery.

I will create special Task Force for the following:

  • SPECIAL HEALTH CARE PROGRAM (Adopting Preventive Health Care System
  • INFRASTRUCTURE for sustainable economic development
  • INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY To develop Candon and achieve the category status as a SMART CITY that uses modern information technology to increase operational efficiency and accelerate government services to improve the quality of life for the welfare of its citizens.

My dear town mates, rest assured, my Administration will seek the best of the best PUBLIC SERVICE.

I will be guided by my resolve as GOD gave me all this opportunity to serve you once again as CHIEF EXECUTIVE of our CITY- which will give TRUE meaning to my life. Help me achieve as I seek to establish my LEGACY in our city and my career as a PUBLIV SERVANT.

We will extend our FULL SUPPORT to our President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. and Vice President Inday Sara Duterte.