Candon will always be the major commercial center in Southern Ilocos and aims to be a leading economic growth center in the Greater Ilocos Region, with empowered, secured and Godcentered people, and effectively guided by dynamic leaders in a sustainable environment to ensure the well-being and socioeconomic welfare of Candonians.


  • SECURITY – To attain food, economic and social security
  • EQUITY – To provide equal access to resources and opportunities to all citizens
  • CIVIC ENGAGEMENT AND CITIZENSHIP – To promote a culture of public participation with enhanced stakeholder linkages
  • TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY – To institutionalize systems for information access, transparent policy- and decision-making, and professional ethics
  • SUSTAINABILITY – To ensure a balanced prioritization of programs with active stakeholders’ involvement
  • DECENTRALIZATION AND SUBSIDIARITY – To promote local autonomy and efficient delegation
  • EFFICIENCY – To constantly improve service delivery as well as effective investments particularly in infrastructure

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