The city government is immediately setting up regulations in the newly opened city’s Heroes’ diversion road.

Based on Ordinance No. 761 (An Ordinance prescribing the traffic rules and regulations in the Heroes diversion road and for other purposes), the city government is prohibiting the drying of palay (unhusked rice), peanuts, other agricultural products and of any kind.

Also prohibited are water hose or any agricultural tools lying across the said by pass road, construction or making of road humps, and constructions of establishments or of any kind that would block drainage canals or cross drain canals.

Part of regulations stated in the said ordinance passed by the city council presided over by City Vice Mayor Alfonso Singson and approved by City Mayor Ericson Singson was for bicycles, motorcycles, and tricycles to always use the right most part of the lane.

Any infraction of the said ordinance will be fined P2, 000, P4,000 and P5, 000 for first, second, and third and succeeding offenses respectively.

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