We, the officials and employees of the City Government of Candon pledge and commit to deliver quality public services as promised in this Candon City Citizens’ Charter. Specifically, we will:

Serve with integrity.

Be prompt and timely.

Display procedures, fees and charges.

Provide adequate and accurate information.

Be consistent in applying rules.

Provide feedback mechanism.

Be polite and courteous.

Demonstrate sensitivity and appropriate behaviour and professionalism.

Wear proper uniform and identification.

Be available during office hours.

Respond to complaints.

Provide comfortable waiting area.

Treat everybody equally.


Candon City Officials and Employees



In availing/securing any of the services in the City of Candon as defined in this Charter, a client/applicant who may feel that the service provider or office personnel are not providing the expected courtesy, transparency, honesty and efficiency, the applicant is strongly encouraged to bring this to the attention to the City Mayor or to the head of office concerned.

The head of office will call the concerned staff and discuss the matter in the presence of the applicant/feedback giver. If the applicant is not satisfied with the response of the staff and the way the department head resolve the issue, the applicant can also go directly to the Human Resource Management Officer for proper settlement.

All offices are provided with Customer Feedback forms for every applicant/client to fill up and submit the same to the City Mayor, HRMO or to the Department Head concerned.

Applicants/clients are also encouraged to suggest ways and processes to further improve the quality of service. These suggestions will be taken up by the Steering Committee in consultation with the Task Force members.



If applicants or clients are dissatisfied and may not be happy with the services being provided/availed of, he/she can secure a complaint form from the Complaint Desk, accomplish the forms with the supporting documents if any and submit the accomplished complaint forms to the Desk Officer of the Complaint Desk located at the Lobby of the City Hall or send through the Post Office if the complainant cannot go to the Desk Officer. Complaints should be submitted within a period of 30 days after the commission of such act.

If complainants cannot go to the City Hall but can access to the internet he/she may down load the complaint forms from the website (, accomplished them on line and send together with any supporting documents. He/she may also down load the complaint forms, print them, accomplish the forms and send through the post office addressed to the Complaint Desk Officer at the City Hall. Or the complainant can also call at these telephone numbers (077)742-5235 and (077)742-5931.


  1. Upon receipt of the complaints whether thru website, post or personally submitted, the Desk Officer shall forward the complaint to the City Mayor for his information. The City Mayor shall route the same to the head of the department where the subject of the complaint (staff) belongs.
  2. The head of the department shall call the attention of the concerned staff and inform him/her about the complaints raised against him/her and allow him/her to answer the allegations within three (3) days.
  3. After receipt of the answer from the subject employee, the department head shall notify the complainant in writing and inform him of the answer of the subject employee (admitting the mistake being done, apologize with a promise not to do it anymore).
  4. The City Mayor /department head shall inform the public and thank them for airing the mistakes being done by employees and will ensure that they will do their best to review policies and procedures to stop from happening again. They will also ensure that complaints against any employee shall be addressed, monitored and treated in order to improve the delivery of services and ensure that the best and quality services are provided to all their clients.


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