Completion of major projects to propel city’s developments

City Mayor Ericson Singson sees major breakthroughs starting this year for the city after major projects are expected to be unveiled and operational in his closing message at the end of the city’s Executive Legislative Agenda held at Kultura Splash Wave Resort, Pugo, La Union recently.

City Mayor Singson said that among the major projects to be expected to be open at the end of the year is the class-AA slaughterhouse situated at the back of the city’s wet market.

Also expected to be open this year is the Pasalubong Center in barangay Tablac.

It will house the city’s two main delicacies, kalamay (glutinous rice cake) and kornik (deep fried corn kernel) and other native products from the nearby towns.

The most anticipated project is the by-pass road (phase-I) opening from Tablac to Bagani Gabor.

The more than three kilometer diversion road will open more business opportunities.

“We expect the by-pass road as expansion area of our business district,” City Mayor Singson said.

Also there is urgency to complete the said project because near it particularly at the motocross track ground will be the site of the plan sports coliseum.

City Mayor Singson said that the city government had already allotted funds for the purchase of three-hectare project location.

There is already P80 million fund for the phase-I from the Department of Public Works and Highways through the initiative of Congressman Eric Singson.

The said coliseum will be future venue of out of town games of the popular Philippine Basketball Association and commercial volleyball leagues.

All the projects are expected to be implemented smoothly as the city mayor is assured of the full support of the legislative body headed by City Vice Mayor Alfonso Singson.

“We are assuring our full support to the current programs and projects of the Executive department headed by our City Mayor,” City Vice Mayor Singson said.

The City Vice Mayor said that the legislative acts needed will be provided.

(City Information Office)

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