The population of NLPSC keeps on rising!

The first semester of school year 2015-2016 of NLPSC saw 3,027 students enrolled in different courses.

The BS in Business Administration leads the enrollees with 689 students followed by the BS in Criminology with 606 students. The BS in Computer Science has 526 students, Bachelor of Secondary Education with 328 students, Bachelor of Elementary Education with 287 students, Bachelor of Arts with 251 students, BS in Office Administration with 241 students and the Certificate in Midwifery with 99 students.

It was recalled that North Luzon Philippines State College (NLPSC) started its operation as a separate and independent college by virtue of Republic Act No. 10085 passed and approved during the 14th Congress of the Republic, it only nurtured 1,962 students then; hence, tipping a massive increase of 54.28% in the enrolment, compared to the 3,027 students at the current semester.

Observers say that the overwhelming performance of the graduates of NLPSC in the board examinations is presumed to provide a leading edge for an anticipated double increase in the total number of enrollees within a few years.

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