The voices of my present state and feelings echo

down into my mother’s sympathetic ears,

They resonate…in no barriers, she decodes

with her warm understanding and great love overflow.


She hears my footsteps on trails of joy and contentment,

giving me her smiles with supporting hands to go ahead;

She hears my footsteps on path of desolation or in tacit sadness,

Offering her breast and shoulder to lean on,

her loving pieces of advice uplift my spirit, wipe my tears and give me breath.


My fragile emotion easily restores and mends,

Oh, mother dear, your listening ears are your heart’s aesthete!

A rich tapestry of comfort, love and affection,

where all my sighs, fears and sentiments will be laid.


No child’s turgid words in my mother’s loving ears,

regardless of distance, she listens, embraces and cares,

With her sensible radar system, she knows all my needs

like Tannoys – so loud, supersonic, she hears them all vibrate.


Her ears synch well with her loving heart

Amazingly entwine, they are twosome…

Oh, mother dear, may I touch lovingly your ears with my both hands,

may I touch your angelic aging face as I thank you so much,

This poem is especially for you, I’m sending it with a SWALK

Sealed With my Loving Kiss on this sweet Mother’s Day card.

Copyright2015Leonora G. Galinta

May 9, 2015

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