The overflowing crowd eagerly waiting the entries of the electrical float parade went ecstatic when members of the very popular k-pop group Momoland appeared in the first two floats before the entries of the Feria de Candon’s Electrical float parade contest recently.

Everybody wanted to have a glimpse of the said South Korea’s k-pop group who was in the province to shoot tourism promotion related videos and also haa free mini-concert.

The crowd roared when the members of Momoland were seen waving and even jigged a bit to the tune of one of their hit “Bboom Bhoom” was played as they passed by.

The group was accompanied by Governor Ryan Singson and Vice Governor Jeremias Singson and other provincial officials.

The said officials later joined the host officials headed by Congressman Eric Singson and City Mayor Ericson Singson in the lean-to stage in front of the Candon City Public Market.

The nine members of the group are Hyebin, Taeha, Yeonwoo, Nancy, Nayun, Jooe, Ahin, Daisy and Jane, and known for their hit songs “Bboom Bboom” and “BAAM,”

The crowd was obviously pleased and very grateful to see the said group and many remained in disbelief that they personally saw them for free because watching them in concert comes with heavy ticket price.

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