Candon City Councilor Nestor Itchon is pushing for the installation of Circuit Camera Television in business establishments with P3 million gross annual sales and the different institutions.

“ [t is] primarily for security reasons,” Itchon told the Candon Times recently.

He said that it will help in maintaining peace and order.

Based on the proposed ordinance he authored, establishments with P3 million gross annual sales are required to set up at least four cameras in their respective business place.

There are nearly 200 business establishments and institutions that will be affected by the proposal, he said.

He is also encouraging even those with below P3 million gross annual sales to set up their own CCTV.

The proposed ordinance is in line with the CCTC Camera Security Act of 2012 which among its major goals are to deter crime and to help the Philippine National Police to solve crimes, he said.

City Mayor Ericson Singson readily gave his nod to the proposal.

“We know how important peace and order to a locality. Any measure to maintain or improve will always be most welcomed,” City Mayor Singson said.

Singson said that Candon City being the center of commerce, education and trade in southern Ilocos Sur, business establishments and institutions should be always well secured and protected for the best interest of their owners, the city government and their customers.

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