“Life is kind and generous to those who respect its principles and rules, but it is hard and cruel with those who demonstrate no respect for what is required for a good life,” says an anonymous writer.

Gemma Tacuycuy, the new officer in charge (OIC) schools division superintendent, has set her rules for her new family, Candon City division.

The first rule: Start your day with a smile. “Always start your day with a smile and end your day with a smile,” Tacuycuy said smiling, of course, in an interview with Candon Times and Radio DZTP in her office recently. She was quick to point out her over-all vision.

“I will give my best to help provide quality education for all our children,” Tacuycuy said

She said she could not ask for more on the rousing welcome accorded her.

She thanked City Mayor Ericson Singson, the members of the City Council led City Vice Mayor Alfonso Singson and former Congresswoman and City Administrator Grace Singson for the very warm welcome. She also lauded the Candon City Division officials, staff and teaching personnel for the welcome program and warm reception she received in her initial rounds to the different schools.

Tacuycuy, 48, a native of Vigan City, is in her first time to hold such position. She was previously Assistant Ilocos Sur Schools Division Superintendent.

The new OIC schools Division superintendent pointed out that she was impressed with current state of the division though there are many challenges ahead to fulfill her goals.

“Some schools have impressive facilities and structures. Other schools however need repairs like toilets,” she said.

The division cannot finance all school needs that is why she will be relying on the support of the city government and other sectors.

Tacuycuy stressed that school needs and the aspects of accomplishing the task of quality education cannot be solely on the shoulders of the division but united efforts of all stakeholders.

“It takes a village to educate a child,” Tacuycuy said.

One of her immediate aim is to improve the results in the upcoming national competitiveness examinations like the National Achievement Test for elementary and High School.

“We will be working hard to improve our scores in the upcoming NAT examinations,” she said

The Candon City Division family and the other stakeholders should not worry in dealing with the new head as she implores participatory and democratic style of management.

“I like to consult and encourage participation in discussion but at the end I will give the final decision,” she said.

Her typical day starts by catching the 5 o’clock bus trip going south which she has not miss so far. Past 6 o’clock she is already in her office while most of subordinates are still sipping their morning coffee.

Her morning routine includes rounding the schools familiarizing and getting first-hand information of the state of the different schools while afternoon are more on paper works.

Tacuycuy said that she is enjoying her current post which by the way was not her first choice.

She is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering with flying colors being a consistent dean’s lister.

She had short stint at then municipal government of Vigan. The calling of teaching was too much to be ignored beside she has her parents’ influence and model. Her father, Pedro, was a retired elementary school principal and her mother, Gloria, was also a retired teacher.

To fulfill it, she completed her four-year Bachelor of Elementary Education degree. It did not deter her determination as she eventually got her first taste of teaching as classroom teacher in 1993 and rose from the ranks and eventually became the Ilocos Sur Assistant Schools Division Superintendent before she was promoted to her current post.

Along the way, she attended numerous trainings, seminars and workshops. She also completed her Master of Arts in Education and accomplished her academic requirements for her doctorate of education.

She is also a Career Executive Service Eligibility ( CESO VI) passer.

Tacuycuy has big dreams for Candon City Division. One thing she assures us that she will be giving her best so that we will have reason to smile. (LBJ)

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