Efficiency is the main reason of the remarkable increase of collection at the markets of the city.

“We made some innovations and revisions for more efficient collection,” said Candon City Market Task Force head Odette De Guia.

Based on the comparative analysis of daily ticket collections by market presented by the City Economic Enterprise Development and Management Office, there was significant increase of collections for the last two years from P7.3 million in 2012 which is 42 percent up and over P9 million last year or 12 percent raise.

De Guia said she expects the collection to be higher this year.

The collections came from Candon Farmers Public Market, Candon Commercial Center, Shopping Mall, Arcade, Calamay and foodstrips.

Other collections came from market fee, dry goods, nigh market and trade fair.

In the monthly collections of stallholders at the arcade, Candon Commercial Center and Shopping mall, collections reached more than P9 million in 2012 and P10.9 million in 2013 or a 20 percent hike.

The collection as of June this year is already P5.4M and with six months to go the collection will go higher.

De Guia said that the expanded farmers’ market that includes the new dry good section and vegetable stalls added to the collection hike.

Other factors include improvement in facilities like comfort rooms, water system and supply and others.

She also cited the new methods of ticketing all the 375 vendors – 60-70 are transients- to insure 100 percent collection.

De Guia said that the three-storey Public Market has full occupancy at the ground floor and 90 percent at the second floor.

There are 325 regular occupants with 139 vendors charge on daily ticket basis.

De Guia expressed much satisfaction in their current collection which shows the city’s status as the trade and commerce capital of Southern Ilocos Sur.

The all-out support of City Mayor Ericson Singson and the members of the City Council led by City Vice Mayor Alfonso Singson helped realized our goal, she said.

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