Sometime in 2014, needing materials to build their office and other infrastructures at the Candon City’s engineered landfill, the stacked bottles placed in several sacks did not escape the eyes of City’s Environment and Natural Resources Officer Ishmael Ganaban.

Being the city’s lead advocator of solid waste management, he and his staff experimented it as material for hollow blocks making.

“I find no big difference between sand and bottle so why not experiment on it,” Ganaban said.

Ganaban said that they tried making sample and had it passed the comprehensive strength test with the formula of nine kilos of pulverized glasses and bottles to one kilo of cement.

This led to the purchase of the pulverizing machine and its first exhibit of the hollow blocks produced is the office of the CENRO at the city’s engineered landfill situated on top of the hill of Balingaoan.

To get all possible used bottles not purchased by junk shops, the city government asked the people to collect their used bottles and glasses to be pulverized and return back to them in hollow blocks.

The hollow block making out of bottle and broken glasses is one of the recent mitigating measures done by the city government in its solid waste management program.

“We wanted our solid waste management program to be doable and responsive,” Candon City Mayor Ericson Singson.

Singson said that he will continue to push to expand and level up the city’s solid waste management program noting the challenges like the growing population and the expansion of commercial and businesses in the city.

The city has 6.3 tons of daily waste collection and currently using their second cell in their landfill.

The city’s landfill remains spacious for additional cells to ensure that the city’s waste has depot.

One of the city’s first response to solid waste management in adherence to the Reduce, Reused and Recycle scheme is the conversion of used oil, styro, plastics to blocks and other solid objects suitable to the available molder.

These waste products are usually generated from big establishments like fast food chains.

Some of the blocks are used at the city plaza.

Also the city government expanded to have all waste materials to still useful like the vermiculture project and purchased bailing machine to compact cellophanes.

Singson noted that city’s waste management program is vital in its aim to make Candon as the most livable city that it can be.

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