After planting more than 15,000 trees including fruit bearing, exotic fruit trees were next planted at the city watershed along the mountains of Palacapac and San Andres, Candon City.

More were added in this year’s “Fiesta ti Bantay“ celebration with City Mayor  Ericson Singson and other city officials heading the celebration.

“We are planting as part of the foundations of better environment of the next generation,” City Mayor Singson said.

Joining the city mayor were city councilors Robert Tudayan, David Wagayen, Godofredo Abrero and Chito Balagot.

Other participants were city employees, staff from national agencies and officials and members of Southern Ilocos Sur Medical Society (SISMS).

City Mayor Singson stressed the importance of protecting and maintaining a green and resilient environment because of the growing challenges like the effects of climate change and disasters.

The 132 hectares government manned city water shed is being projected as the next main tourist destination of the city.

The planting of exotic trees is part of the ongoing City’s Man-made Agro- Ecotourism project (MMAEP).

Among the exotic plants planted were american lemon (160), rambutan (180), marang (100), durian (75), lanzones (90), cherrymoya (230) with survival percent of 77.5%, 52.22%, 65%, 53% 72.22% and 99.56% respectively.

Part of the celebration also is the discussion of the cacao industry with officials and staff from the Department of Trade and Industry overseeing it.

A lecture regarding cacao industry with interested groups and individuals in attendance was done at San Andres Multipurpose hall, San Andres, Candon City.

Tudayan is the pioneer regional chair of Region I Cacao Industry Council.

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