Candon City continues to get awards!

Its latest award comes from its best practices in the solid waste management

(Republic Act 9003).

City Environment and Natural Resources Officer Engr. Ishmael Ganaban received the plague from Environment Management Bureau Regional Dir. Ma. Victoria Abrera and Former San Fernando City Mayor Mary Jane Ortega during the Ecological Solid Waste Management Summit in observance of the Philippine Environment Month with the theme, “Fostering Shared Responsibility in Integrated Solid Waste Management”

at San Fernando City, La Union on june 1, 2016.

Candon City implemented the best by

converting used and broken bottles and glasses into hollow blocks. In this case, the city gets an additional income to fund its many projects.

Candon City Mayor Ericson Singson said, “Our best practices are all geared up to help preserve and care for our environment which is a huge concern to all.”

He wanted to personally attend the awarding but it coincided with the mass oath taking ceremonies of all elected officials in Ilocos Sur held in Vigan City.

Ganaban said that he initiated the innovative practices after noting the uncontrollable ballooning of city garbage which at present reached 6.3 tons daily collection.

The conversion of used and broken bottles and glasses started in the middle of 2014.

The said bottles and glasses collected passed to the pulverizing machine and then mixed with cement before scoped with hollow block molder.

The mixture is nine kilos of pulverized bottles and glasses to one kilo of cement which according to Ganaban passed through the hollow block quality standard.

This is another complementary to the earlier program of converting used oil, styros and plastic into blocks and table depending on the molder.

The said two projects are done at the City’s Engineered Landfill in barangay Balingaoan.

Also at the site is the verma culture project and bailing machine to compact used cellophanes.

Meanwhile verma culture project is already adopted by some barangays including the Non- Governmental Organization, Gunglo dagiti Annak ti Langlangca Primero, in barangay Langlangca Primero.

Galpri has gone commercial with its produced by-products.

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