Candon city, the producer of the tastiest glutinous rice cake (kalamay) and crunchiest kornik, is the center of commerce and trade in southern Ilocos Sur.

With the help of all stakeholders, Candon is doing everything to level up and be a leading economic power center in the region.

The needed infrastructures and everything are currently being set up. Currently Candon has 15 commercial banks and one cooperative bank.

Providers of electricity, water and telecommunications have their respective offices in the city. All of these push the city to go all out in its commercial and trade expansion brought about by the recently opening of its diversion road dubbed as “heroes by- pass road” phase I. The more than 3 kilometers by-pass road phase I will attract commercial and economic ventures.

The lure of passing by motorists along the road makes Candon  City gateway to Ilocos and Cordillera and eventually create a boom of small scale or big businesses that surely expand the commercial area of the city.

There is a mulled construction of a sports coliseum near the current motocross race track in barangay Bagani Campo and this will surely widen the territory of the city and attracts new businesses along the area.

The mulled coliseum will have a  5,000 seating capacity that will not only be a venue for future PBA out of town games but will serve as venue for meetings, conferences, concerts and allied events.

The potential huge growth in the city’s meetings, incentives, conferences and events and sports related activities will catapult tourism to greater heights.

Furthermore, the city’s tourism related activities like its two main festivities: tobacco festival held in the month of March; and its yearend Feria de Candon on the first week of December continue to level up.

Venturing into businesses like accommodations, among others, are attractive investments. Currently the city has two hotels and 35 inns with 23 restaurants.

Commerce is expected to come alive immediately at its northern end because of city’s Pasalubong Center which is expected to operational this year.

With the Pasalubong Center, you expect the main delicacies of all two cities and 32 towns in the province like the city’s kalamay and kornik to be sold there. The much improved packing and presentation of all products will help in their marketability nationwide and abroad.

The City government is laying the ground works of developing the city’s watershed project along the mountains of barangays Palacapac and San Andres as the city’s premiere tourist destination.

A portion of the 132 hectare land is now being developed as man-made agro-ecotourism site.

Rest and recreation activities like picnics will surely be done in the area soon. A multifunctional center is currently being built in the area. The city watershed project is the home of more than 15,000 trees including fruit bearing and also the city’s biggest dragon fruit plantation. Aside from the said project, the city happens to have an 8.4 kilometer coastal area and remains a potential site for businesses like resorts. Investing and entering into business in the city is beyond question and most welcome.

The city was 2010 Most business friendly winner given by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

There are nearly 4,000 businesses operating in the city as per record of the Business Permits and licensing office.

The earlier stated enormous business opportunities align the city as one of the most dynamic and robust cities in the northern Luzon. More so, it makes the city as a truly business haven for all.

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