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It is widely believed that the name Candon was derived from generations of a big tree, which the natives called “KANDONG” and about which life and beauty of the village was centered.

As a municipality it was created in 1780 upon the installation of the first civil government under the Cabeza de Barangay, Don Juan P. Madarang by his eminence D. Mariano de Conquera, an Agustinian Friar.

Like other towns, Candon has its own bit of history and foremost among them is the Candon Uprising popularly known as the “IKKIS TI CANDON”, as a response to the institutionalized abuses and oppressions perpetrated by the Spaniards.

The uprising was led by its most famous local hero Don Isabelo Abaya.

Candon Has long established its tag as the most progressive local government unit and center of trade and commerce in the second district of Ilocos Sur.

One proof is, Candon is the site of the Primera Feria Exposicion de la Provincia de Ilocos Sur in 1892. It showcased the best that Ilocandia could offerthen and Filipinos a glimpse of how cultured the Ilocanos were then.

After relentless efforts starting when Congressman Eric Singson filed it in 1998 and continued by his wife, Congresswoman Grace in 2001 it finally became a city on March 28, 2001 after Candonians overwhelmingly voted for Republic Act 9018 (An Act Converting the municipality of Candon into a component city to be known as “The City of Candon”).

Candon is well-known as the tobacco Capital of the Philippines being the biggest Virginia Tobacco producer in the country with an average of three million kilos annually produced in about one thousand land area planted all over the city.

Aside from Virginia Tobacco, the city also produce corn, rice and other crops as agriculture remains to be the main source of livelihood of the Candonians.

It is also arguably the producer of the World’s Biggest Calamay (glutinous rice cake) in 2006.

The Bagar calamay makers churned out 2,547 kilos of calamay, besting the 2,097-kilo rice cake baked in Niigata Japan in 2002.

The people who cooked the calamay used 200 gantas of glutinous rice, milk from 2,000 coconuts and 1,200 kilos of brown and white sugar prepared in 132 vats.

Calamay is the city’s choice as its One-Town-One-Product entry to the Department of Trade and Industry project.

The city is also the educational center of the Second District as it is the home of at least five college schools.

The city is 347 kilometers south of Manila or seven hours trip by bus, 63 kilometers south of Vigan and 72 kilometers north of San Fernando City, La Union.

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