Deputy Speaker Eric Singson and City Mayor Ericson Singson administered the oath taking of barangay and Sangguniang kabataan of the city at the Candon Civic Center recently.

Based on the Comelec data obtained from the City Election office, there were 336 and 310 elected barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan officials respectively.

Deputy Speaker Singson challenged all the elected officials to seriously commit to their oath of duty as they are duty bound.

He also took the opportunity to give pieces of advice on how they will perform their duties based on their respective mandates.

Meanwhile City Mayor Singson warmly welcomed all first timers in public service as he congratulate the re-elected officials for their renewed mandate.

He enjoined their support and cooperation with the city government for the partnership of service to the people of Candon.

“We will partner in public service to serve the best interest of our people,” City Mayor Singson said.

City Mayor Singson cited the different ongoing projects which will further boost the city’s growth.

He said that the phase II of the Heroes’ by-pass road is expected to be completed this year with only the construction of the bridge in Oaig Daya as the last hindrance to make the whole by pass road completely passable.

He also said that the full blast construction of the city’s sports coliseum which could be the next venue of their oath taking.

The said 5,000 seating capacity coliseum will served as the main event center of the city.

Meanwhile, City Election Officer Julius Harvey Balbas and former City Election Officer and now Laoag City Election Officer Fidel Gines II presented and read the list of elected barangay and SK officials.

The said oath taking served also as the occasion to honor the 10 three-termer Punong Barangays and also the three-termer barangay kagawads.

The City government also gave resolution of recognition to the City Election office, PNP Candon, City Schools Division office and City Local Government Operations Office for their commendation performance during the conduct of the said election.

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