The Business One Stop Shop (BOSS) broke into the P21 million barrier for its collection in business tax and fees this year.

Based on 2017 BOSS report submitted to City Mayor Ericson Singson covering January 1-20, 2017, it was able to collect P21, 719, 807.43 in business tax and fees which is nearly 12 percent higher than last year’s collection of P19, 198,208.44.

It is the highest collection so far besting the year 2015 collection of P20,017,424.75.

BOSS employs three steps procedure to secure business permit or renewal.

The first step is the application which will be evaluated particularly the attached requirements.

Followed by the assessment and payment before the last step which is the releasing.

The 20 days operation was able to serve 2,886 business clients which is higher compared to last year’s 2, 701.

This also goes to tricycle having served 1,181 to last year’s 1,112.

BOSS was also very efficient in the releasing and printing of permits.

The city is center of commerce and trade in Southern Ilocos Sur.

boss 2017

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