The city government of Candon led by City Mayor Ericson Singson had provided 24.2M  for the needs of tobacco growers this 2016-2017 season.

“We are just being responsive to their requests and our way of showing our full support to them” City Mayor Singson said

Based on the report from the City Agriculture office, the city government disbursed 7.2 million for different kind of assistance from fertilizers, insecticides, gasoline, oil and fuel covering 24 barangays.

The city government also provided P6 million worth of farm equipment to all the 42 barangays.

To ensure that their green leaves Virginia tobacco type will be flue cured, the city government allocated P5 million for repair and construction of flue curing barns.

There were 431 farmer beneficiaries from 20 barangays.

Furthermore, P6 million was allotted for the construction of 43 units of multipurpose flue curing barns to the various barangays of the city.

The total support did not include the infrastructure funds and allotments coming from Deputy Speaker Eric Singson and other sources.

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